YoreselKostum.com is a KostümPartim"®" organization.

KostümPartim® was founded in 2012.

With its experienced team that has been in the sector since 2008, it started Online Sales in December 2014 after infrastructure works and cooperation with supplier/manufacturer companies for two years following its establishment.

By becoming one of the leading companies in costume at the end of 2017, it continues to serve you wholesale and retail from its physical store in Istanbul / Kadıköy since 2019.

Against frauds made on the Internet, "KosümPartim®" is registered in the "E-Commerce Information System", which is under the control of the Turkish State. It can be checked online with the QR code at the bottom of our website.

KostümPartim ETBIS Kayıtlıdır.

Continuing its initiatives, "KostumPartim®" added KostumPartisi.com, YoreselKostum.com, NoelBabaKostumu.com addresses in the last quarter of 2020.

Our goal is; Through this site, we will provide you with affordable wholesale local costumes and a wide range of costume manufacturing and accessories from all regions.


Thank you for your attention.

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