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Availability, General Information

The products are generally in our ready stocks. Even though there are some reductions in some sizes due to the increasing demands during peak times (season*) such as April 23, May 19, and the end of the year shows, we pay attention to the remanufacturing as much as we can.

Shipping and Handling Times

Our products in stock are generally shipped on the next business day, and they are sent in a traceable manner by PTT Air Cargo (National Post) within 1-2 days during season* densities.

Your packages depart from Türkiye/Istanbul/Kadıköy. On average, deliveries to the European region (close to Istanbul) are 7-10 days, Other remote areas are delivered after 10-14 days.

Packages will arrive at your doorstep by your country's national post.

The average weight of a costume with its accessories is 0.85/1.15kg. Please maximum 30kg. Remember that you have the right to order!

Take-away Option for Istanbul

If you are planning to come to Istanbul, or if a friend is here; You can also order from our website, and when your order is ready, you can get it from our Kadıköy store.

International Costume Shipments

You can send us a message on our whatsapp line to get information about costume models or International costume shipment.

We will be happy to assist.

GSM & Whatsapp: (+90 544 296 7466)

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Thank you for your attention.